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Grad Eligible
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Grad Eligible

Source: Banner

Role: Gradeligable

Type: role

Definition: Undergrad, gpa type is 0???, greater than or equal to 140 credits, term code effective ???


select 'Y'
from sgbstdn b, shrlgpa a, spriden c
where c.spriden_id = p_id
and c.spriden_change_ind is null
and a.shrlgpa_pidm = spriden_pidm
and a.shrlgpa_levl_code = 'UG'
and a.shrlgpa_gpa_type_ind = 'O'
and a.shrlgpa_hours_earned >= 140
and sgbstdn_pidm = spriden_pidm
and sgbstdn_term_code_eff = (
    select max(sgbstdn_term_code_eff)
    from sgbstdn x
    where x.sgbstdn_pidm = c.spriden_pidm
    and sgbstdn_term_code_eff <= v_curr_term