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U Got This (Title IX)
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U Got This (Title IX)

Content is in a Learn course. There are several videos that students watch, then take a quiz. We check the status of these quizzes in the portal to determine whether the item is complete or not.

Users are added to the course through a UC4 process flow called DU_GEN_NEW_STU_LEARN, with a job called ICZSNSTU.

The job calls a stored procedure which defines the population to add to the course. The important thing to note about the below query is the use of the NEWSTUDENT role.

cursor assignment_sel is
    select distinct v_courseid || '|' || gobsrid_sourced_id || '|' || 'S|enabled' vOUTPUT
      from gorirol,
     where gorirol_pidm = gobsrid_pidm
       and gorirol_role = 'NEWSTUDENT'
       and not exists (select 'x'
                         from bbSaaS.bbtUSERS u,
                              bbSaaS.bbtCOURSE_USERS cu,
                              bbSaaS.bbtCOURSE  cm
                        where u.batch_uid = gobsrid_sourced_id
                          and cu.crsmain_pk1 = cm.course_pk1
                          and cu.users_pk1 = u.user_pk1
                          and cm.course_id = v_courseid
                          and cu.row_status = 0
                          and not u.batch_uid like 'TEST%')
     order by 1;

It then adds users into a temp table:

  /* USER */
  insert into bbSaaS.bbtUSERS select * from BBSAAS.bbvUSERS;

  insert into bbSaaS.bbtCOURSE select * from BBSAAS.bbvCOURSE;

  insert into bbSaaS.bbtCOURSE_USERS select * from BBSAAS.bbvCOURSE_USERS;

Finally a feed file is generated and scp'd to netxfer. A script is started on netxfer via a remote ssh command that processes the generated feed file. This actually updates Learn.